ScaleUp Leader

Enhancing your leadership

by reviewing 12 leadership issues aimed at maximising organisational resilience and agility in the face of an unpredictable business environment ...

... with optional facilitation / coaching

The Deliverables

After you have completed your Review you will receive:

  • A ‘radar report’ which identifies your team’s current leadership strengths, but also gaps which could reduce your speed of growth. An example is shown below with comparison data from a survey of 100+ SMEs
  • An analysis of judgements made focussing on current strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • A pdf Reader is required for the report and analysis
  • A format enabling you to translate your judgements into an updated leadership strategy.
Example Radar graph

Give It a Try

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This accesses all leadership issues and offers limited access to influencers.

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Who It Can Benefit

  • Your Workforce

    A review catalyses discussion on people leadership and management practices and identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement.
    There is strong evidence that a workforce which is well led and managed is a leading indicator of organisational success (See FAQs).

  • Investors

    Investors value evidence of good leadership. Our survey in 2018 indicates that trustworthy data on leadership practices relating to growing ‘human capital’ would vary levels of investment by up to 50% (see FAQs).

  • Your Senior Management Team

    The Review may be used as a team building activity and can generate lively debate on how best to initiate / maintain an effective organisational culture.

  • How to Benefit

    To prepare for a review:

    • Check out the FAQs
    • Read the options in the boxes below
    • Choose between Guest, Client or Client+ option
    • Click Log in or Register
    • Follow the instructions to create an account:

The Process

  • Starting

    Look through the Review as a Guest.

    Assemble any documentation relating to the 12 leadership issues. (Documentation will help justify your ratings).
    Decide on whether to use a Facilitator / Coach (See FAQs).

  • Reviewing

    • Review as an individual using the downloadable questionnaire. (The questionnaire is only available after paying a fee).
    • Determine the importance of each 'influencer' in your organisation
    • Rate the 'state of deployment' relating to each influencers
    • Consolidate you individual ratings as a team
    • Review your leadership strategy.
  • Downloading

    A Client Review

    • Generates a standard ‘radar’ report
    • Reflects strengths and opportunities for improvement
    • Enables a review of your leadership strategy.

    A Client+ Review

    • Adds comparison data

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  • Access to all Leadership issues and activities
  • Make judgements on all influencers per issue
  • Report generated
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About Us

Over the last 30 years we have been involved in improving leadership and management practices in clients such as Total Exploration and Production, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the National Probation Service, Local Government and the National Health Service.
Our experience of SMEs includes enterprises in both public and private sectors.